Haiti – A Curious Job Ad

How about this for an advertisement for a short term job :

Wanted – People for a week’s manual labour .
Description – you will travel to the poorest country in the western hemisphere with a group of like minded people . You will be working from 5 am to 5 pm each day in temperatures in excess of 45 degrees Celsius . Work will be carried out at a higher pace than would be normal in Ireland . You will construct 45 houses , one community hall , two soccer pitches , one garden area , one playground and numerous latrines . You will work with a very limited supply of building tools , equipment and supplies and may be exposed to torrential downpours during this 6 day period .
You will need to provide your own work boots and clothing etc . Accommodation will be provided in 6 man tents – please bring your own bedding , torches etc .
Medical – Please prepare against Malaria , Cholera , Tetanus , Typhoid , Diarrhea and other such conditions .
Wage – None
Oh , I forgot – please pay us €4,500 before you leave !

Would you go ?

Well , 350 people did go . Here are just some of these people :

From the left :
Jerome MacCarthy – Civil Engineer , originally from West Cork , now in Limerick
Thomas Atkinson – Building Manager from South East
Aideen Fahy – HR Manager from Galway , working in Dublin
Ger Shinnick – Facilities Manager from Fermoy
Martin Walsh – Truck Driver from Waterford
Padraig Cleary – Supermarket Manager in Carlow

The job description above was prophetic – it was possibly a little worse than described . These guys worked their butts off for the week – I found it hard to keep up with them .
Guess what – this group and so many more want to come back again next year .

As they say – go figure !

Interested ? Check it out at http://www.havenpartnership.com/

And here is one of the finished buildings :

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1 Response to Haiti – A Curious Job Ad

  1. Martina says:

    That is fantastic, Aideen is one of my bestest friends and we are very proud of her:) Ye did a brilliant job in such a tough place, and I can imagine you saw some pretty heartwrenching scenes, you should all be really proud of yourselves, knowing you have made their lifes a little easier and thank you for putting things into perspective in this lil country of ours 🙂

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