Haiti and Haven – A week’s work

Well we’re back from our week’s work in Gonaives , Haiti . Over 340 of us travelled to Haiti over a week ago and spent 6 full long days working on the Monte Blanc site . I’d like to write a few posts over the coming weeks outlining the worthwhile work being carried out by Haven in Haiti and to introduce you to some of the people , the circumstances , the issues we discovered while over there . Can I just start by giving a before and after view of the week’s work . This was the situation in the camp when we first arrived :
As you can see , much had been started before we arrived . Haven has a permanent presence on this site ( along with quite a number of other sites) and has a largely local workforce working on their various projects . One of the leaders of these permanent sites is our own JP from Riverstick , Co. Cork . In addition to building houses , Haven has a structured training programme in place , helping the locals to develop sustainable skills to continue with the building endeavours . JP and his team oversees the building and training of the workforce throughout the year .
As a group of volunteers , it was our job to finish off the housing complex . Here is a photo of the development when we finished work last friday evening :

You’ll notice the completed houses with their bright colours and , in the foreground , the playground that was started and finished for the local community .
More photos in later posts will show the various other projects that were finished in the week .

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  1. Tina McAvoy says:

    Well done Bob!

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