Off to Haiti

So , finally , we’re off to Haiti on saturday !
I’m very fortunate to be part of the Haven Build it Week , taking place from 2nd to 10th April , in Gonaives , Haiti . I’m part of a great group of about 300 people , all of whom have raised the money , taken the time off and committed to building houses for so many in the local community of Gonaives .
I have to admit that I’m suffering some nerves ! What will we see ? How will the Haitians have recovered from the terrible earthquake , the subsequent cholera outbreak , the hurricane season ?? I’ve no doubt that many of the group flying out from Dublin early on saturday morning will be feeling similar nerves and concerns .
I’ve been fortunate to meet and listen to Leslie Buckley on a couple of occasions over the past months . Leslie and Jane Buckley founded the Haven Partnership a number of years ago after Leslie , in his role as executive of a caribbean based mobile phone business witnessed , first hand , the terrible conditions that the people of Haiti live in .
Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere .
I’ve also met many of those who have taken part in previous “Build it Weeks” – all great people . Everyone who had been there before couldn’t wait to get back there again – they will be whipping me into shape as a general labourer for the week . We received the daily schedule last week – this is going to be hard work ! Starting at 0500 each morning and working through the day .
A big thank you to everyone who helped me raise a few euros – I achieved double my rowing target . As the trip was deferred since the originally scheduled November departure , I kept it going and got to 2000 kilometres (a lap and a half of Ireland) on that damned rowing machine !
So , if you’ll permit me , I’ll try to get back into this blogging when I get back (no internet access while we’re there) and describe some of the things , the people , the situations we come across .

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5 Responses to Off to Haiti

  1. John Brinkers says:

    Thats great work Bob, where can I donate?

    • Bob McCarthy says:

      Thanks JB . I’m all sorted with funding but thanks very much for your kind offer . Maybe you’ll be in Palma Vela – how’s about a beer at that time .



  2. Denis Crowley (& family) says:


    We wish you the very best for the week, and God speed!

    Denis & Grace Crowley

  3. rees says:

    Hi Bob, good stuff I am sure you will enjoy it and find that the troubles of Irl are not so terrible. I am down in Cape Town working permenantly for the Mellon Trust. Rees

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