Half Way There ! Downhill from now on !

Had a big weekend – I hit the half-way stage . I’m now at 527 kilometres and have brought my daily average up to 12 kilometres .
I have committed to row 1,000 kilometres on the Concept 2 Ergometer . It has been a hard slog but am now well and truly into the habit of 70-80 kilometres each week . On the plus side , I’ve lost 6 kilos in weight and have to say , do feel much fitter . But – it is boring ! Over an hour most evenings on a machine – it is helped by some music , Bruce Springsteen Live at Hyde Park is my poison
As you know, I’m raising funds to travel to Haiti as part of the 2010 Haven “Build it Week” . This will take place between 31st October and 7th November 2010 .
So I have another few weeks to make it to the 1,000 mark .
Regarding sponsorship – all funds have to be in next tuesday 31st August .
I have set up a page on mycharity.ie . Any help would be greatly appreciated : Click Here
Thanks a million

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  1. Hi Bob – keep up the rowing ! Like your site too ! Peter

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