The Mysteries of Photography revealed

I have an Olympus DSLR which I purchased a few years ago . It’s a great camera and I’ve captured great shots of family and friends over the years . However , there is only one setting , as far as I have been concerned – “Auto” .
I hear great things of a one-day training course run by Martin Hurley which is designed to give a good introduction to Digital SLR photography . So , upon hearing great recommendations from a friend I signed up for this course last saturday . Like the others in attendance , I didn’t have a clue of how to use the camera properly .
Over the course of the day things that were previously black magic to me ( ISO , Shutter Speed , Aperture , Depth of Field , Light Metering , White Balance , Histograms , JPEG vs RAW and the best way to take photos ) were explained and demonstrated by Martin . You know , I could possibly have read about these things in the manual ( being an Expressive Personality , it is illegal for me to read such manuals !) but Martin made it easy to understand and apply these things to get much better photographs . Martin’s style , combined with a great one-to-one interaction ensured that I , and the others present , went away with a great working knowledge of how to use our DSLR cameras better .
Can I wholeheartedly recommend this course – Martin runs them regularly and details of his next courses are here. It’s really well worth a day of your time .

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