Creatures of Habit

So , I’ve just reached the 1/4 way stage , and it hurts !
I have committed to row 1,000 kilometres on this instrument of torture – the Concept 2 Ergometer . Why ? Well , I’m raising funds to travel to Haiti as part of the 2010 Haven “Build it Week” . This will take place between 31st October and 7th November 2010 .
Last night I hit 260 Kilometres and a curious thing occured to me . I’ve heard that we are all “creatures of habit ” . Indeed , many have said that as much as 95% of the things we do each day are habitual . Most of these habits are good – if I had to remember how to tie my shoelaces each day all my mental capacity would be expended early each day . Instead I tie them out of habit , thereby removing the need to think about how to do it .
Looking at tracking of my rowing I see that I have sat on that bloody machine for 22 days now . I started off doing 10k per session , now I’m at 15K . It has become a habit , albeit a painful one to establish . Now I would feel bad if I don’t spend 5 sessions per week on the machine .
Unfortunately this applies to “bad” habits just as it applies to “good” habits .So , if you want to establish a habit , you have to do that thing/item/task repeatedly for a period of time . I have heard that it requires 21 days to establish a habit – I don’t know if this is true but I do know that it requires many days . Certainly a habit cannot be established with one or two actions .
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Thanks a million

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